Saturday, February 7, 2009

Top Chef Felled by Celery

Another dream shattered by celery!

Top Chef's Jamie was kicked off the show because of her celery dish. Was she being reckless or was she trying to kill the judges? Jamie tells "E! Online" that the dish was not her idea. "The dish I got stuck with ... was the lamest..."

A real survivor, Jamie has a good attitude about her loss. "I went home for celery [but] it's not the end of the world."

Read more about Jamie's harrowing, life-altering opinion at E! Online.


Lin said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! OMG I never realized how celery ruins EVERYTHING! I'm so glad I stopped here today. I will be on the lookout now to avoid all celery!!

You know, I watched this episode of Top Chef and it never dawned on me that celery is the root of all evil!

Patricia said...

Oh, no! I really liked her! Well, if her dish was based on celery then she deserved to be squashed!

Shannon said...

I love celery. Celery is good. It takes more calories to digest celery than the food is worth -- what a way to lose a few pounds! You are still haunted by that time when you were a kid that your mom made you eat a bunch of celery and peanut butter and you up-chucked on your shoes.

Kathy said...

Bravo, Shannon!

Wendy, I just had to stop by and taunt you a bit. You left a comment for me some time ago that just kept me smiling all day. We may be on opposite sides of the celery battlefield, but your witty writing has scored some points with me. Maybe just one.

Wendy said...

@Lin, Patricia: Thank you for your kind support. Indeed, the nefarious celery gets whatever it deserves.

@Shannon: Your problem is that you're like most people who are having a substance abuse problem. Denial. If you could distance yourself from the root of your problem you would be able to see clearly what the rest of us know -- that celery is evil and must be destroyed. By the way, the "negative calorie" aspect has been scientifically tested and has not actually been proven to be true. It definitely is high in fiber, so I suppose if you wanted to make a real stretch you could call that a "benefit" in the same way that hay or maybe a brillo pad is full of fiber. That doesn't mean people should eat it.

@Kathy: Don't be an enabler! Unlike Shannon, I feel like there might actually be hope for you. ;-)

Shannon said...

Oh, Wendy. All this anger. All this rage directed at celery. You definitely need some celery.

Did you know that celery contains a chemical that can lower levels of stress hormones in your blood? This allows blood vessels to expand, giving your blood more room, thereby reducing pressure.

Also, because of the high calcium content, celery calms the nerves. Get crunching, sister!