Wednesday, February 11, 2009

George Taylor and Kalamazoo

Today is the birthday of George Taylor, the man who brought celery to Kalamazoo, Michigan, the town that became known as "Celery City".

No, we're not celebrating his birthday, people.

I just thought it was a fitting day to warn you away from the dangers of Kalamazoo. If any of you are headed toward Michigan, please route around that place. They also have a celery museum there. The only reason I can recommend going there is to possibly form a group to picket the museum or some of the celery fields.


Anonymous said...

A book has recently been published on the life of George "Celery" Taylor. It's called "From Kelso to Kalamazoo" and is available on Amazon. Place your orders, I'm sure the book burns better than celery does ;-)

Margaret said...

You don't have to dislike celery (don't we all!) to read the life story of George Taylor, 'From Kelso to Kalamazoo'.
He lived in every decade of the nineteenth century, through the Napoleonic Wars and American Civil War,he was widowed four times and lost five children, he crossed the Atlantic five times. The book is a gem of Scottish/American history and it would do you no harm to read it!

Wendy said...

Margaret, we at the League for the Suppression love history and think it's great to learn about culture and our past.

However, we are all keenly aware of how insidious evil can be in our lives and how it can catch you unawares and lure you in with the romance of nostalgia and when your resistance is down... BAM! Suddenly the indoctrination begins and before long you're eating dressings with a little bit of celery seed and then you're on the slippery slope of actually buying and consuming the devil's vegetable.

We must be VIGILANT!