Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Charlie Carlson Conspiracy Theory

1) Charlie Carlson is a writer who published a history booklet about celery farming in Florida.

2) There is a haunted celery field in Florida.

3) Charlie Carlson's grandmother was a spirit medium and a "communicator with the dead".

4) Charlie Carlson also wrote a book called "Weird Florida" in which he covers hauntings and other weird things in Florida.

I just dare any of you to tell me there's no connection between Charlie Carlson and the Haunted Celery Fields of Chapman Road.

1 comment:

Fuzzydog said...

Charlie carlson is florida's master of the weird, the weirdest man in florida but I did not know he was involved in a celery conspiracy. Next time hes on the radio I'm calling in and demand he confess his celery connections.