Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dare to Be... Celery Free

Today's abomination is the latest "Color Dare" referred to as "Tempting Chocolate Celery".

The fashionistas over there are trying to inspire your creativity by having your combine brown and green together in a neo-70's color trend remodel. And they do this by calling brown and green something they think is way more exciting and sexy... Tempting Chocolate Celery.

While I'll give them the chocolate part, I have to say they not only have fallen short of the mark on the celery part. Celery is not only terribly unsexy aesthetically, but also detrimental to one's body and mind. Chocolate Celery is about as tempting as, say, "Chocolate Styrofoam" or "Chocolate Stringy Lint in Your Teeth" or "Chocolate Waste of Premium Agricultural Land Complete with Government Subsidies".

Come on, clever crafting fashionistas. You can surely do better than trying to make celery into something it's not. Please try, try again.