Monday, January 26, 2009

Can Organic Celery Cause Cancer?

According to an article at Front Page Magazine, celery produces carcinogens when it comes under attacks from insects. It's a defense mechanism. (So, people, please stop calling celery a "defenseless vegetable".)

So, now you get to choose between chemically-coated celery or carcinogenic celery. Tough choice.

A better choice is just avoid it all. Do the right thing, buy carrots or maybe a nice parsnip or okra. Just say NO to celery.

Photo credit: jasminedelilah


Aris said...

We are a little large to qualify as insects unless we wear antenae, little wings and start making "bzzzz" sounds to fool celery into producing carcinogens. Example niah:

Wendy said...

OMG!!! How did you get that video from my school play??

And sorry, if I was celery (heaven forbid) and you came at me with a machete and all I could do is sit there and make carcinogens... don't think I wouldn't do it! said...




Wendy said...

And obviously celery also causes stuttering.

timob said...

Leave the celery alone!