Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Celery Magazine

There is a magazine in Toronto called Celery. It claims to be a "celebration of words, images and ideas by people dedicated to the rejuvenation of the arts, fashion, music and culture in and around the city of Toronto."

All I can say is keep it on your side of the border, Canada!


1) Boycott the magazine
2) Write letters to the editor and ask them to change the name of the magazine to something better like Eggplant or Baby Spring Mix Lettuce or Water Chestnut.
3) Begin a grassroots letter writing campaign for this magazine to be put on a watch list for border guards.
4) Encourage your Canadian friends to write letters to influential government officials to exert Celery magazine to change its name.

I would like to say that the LSC as a group is not unreasonable. We are not asking that Celery shut its doors for good. All we want is for them to cease and desist until that time that they can relaunch their magazine with a new title.

Please do what you can to help.


Pricilla said...

I don't like celery either. My publicist tried to give me some but I refused to eat it. Yuck. I like carrots and apples!

Wendy said...

Does your publicist hate you? Is she mean-spirited or just uninformed?

lilaphase said...

According to Hippocrates (the father of medicine), celery calms the nerve – perhaps because of the high calcium content. It’s good on kidney and will help eliminate body’s waste through the urine. The seeds, leaves and edible root of the plant can all be used. Celery is used in aromatherapy and other traditional way of healing like Ayurveda. In Japan, rheumatic patients are sometimes put on a celery only diet.

Anonymous poster

Wendy said...

Lilaphase... and this is exactly why Japan has never won the World Cup in football.

lilaphase said...

My blog is under construction today, so please don't go there. I promise there's no subversive plot or anything.