Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie

You might think I'm just a doomsayer. This post will prove to you that I'm absolutely not. I like to give credit where credit is due.

And today I would like to give credit to Boston Market for making a chicken pot pie that does not have celery in it.

I love chicken pot pie and always, always, always have to spend 15 minutes doing a search and destroy mission on all the tiny little pieces of celery that the communists put into the pie thinking nobody will ever notice. Well, I notice.

My delightful recent discovery is that Boston Market's pot pie (at least the chicken) is blissfully celery-free. I read the ingredients twice to be sure. I've had two of them with no sign of celery. There is only one location of concern where they list a generic "spices" which I suppose could have some celery-based spice included. However, I perceived no tell-tale celery taste to it whatsoever.

So, run out and support Boston Market for their celery-free product and tell all your celery hating friends.

And have a GREAT day!

(This was not a paid post and I did not get any free food for this review, although I wouldn't mind if Boston Market would show me some love and hire me as their celery-free promotion spokesperson! Or in lieu of a juicy spokesperson role, a case of celery-free pot pie would be okay, too.)


Maranatha said...

We are die hard Boston Market fans around here. They do have a nice coupon floating around for a free Whole Chicken when you buy one of their family meal packages at their restaurant. Close to free food anyway.

Anonymous said...

Can you be sure that it was produced in a celery-free factory though? Such vital information should appear on all food packaging.

Heather Cherry said...

Well blessed be! There IS a chicken pot pie God.

Crystal Copeland said...

I just discovered this blog of yours (I've been reading "on the front porch" for a while). Is there really a problem with celery or is this blog just dedicated to your disliking of celery??? You have me worried!! Please inform me!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I have no idea which one of your blogs is your true blog, but I like this whole boycott celery thing. I've never liked the stuff, and don't understand why it's in everything!

Eva Gallant said...

love this blog...am removing all traces of celery from my refrigerator as I write this!