Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Save the Rabbits!

Okay, people! Get ready, because we have a MISSION!

We must mobilize to save some rabbits that are being abused. Not only are they being held captive, but while being held captive they are being fed celery AND on top of being fed celery, their kidnappers are making sport of it.

Imagine these innocent bunnies in the ring with celery and all around them are screaming men with fists full of sweaty money. This is a Michael Vick scenario all over again.

Run, don't walk, straight over to the blog of a girl named tor and help me convince her that she needs to reform her ways. We must stop the madness.

Go, people, GO!


Amy for Celery Suppression said...

Don't worry...I did my duty for the day. I'll save the rabbit.

Wendy said...

Amy, we value your support. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Stop picking on the innocent!

Tom said...

Now that i am planting my garden, i find rabbits to be a nuisance...perhaps celery is the perfect weapon of mass destruction to throw at the big fluffy rats.
Whoops, now i am going to get hatemail from rabbit lovers.