Monday, April 20, 2009

Under Attack!

We have recently received this message from a group of pro-celery terrorists. Please send the kids out of the room before you scroll down. Our celery bouncer has been notified and is prepared to take action.

Take heart, people. These activists are the types who use fear and misinformation to discourage and dishearten you. Just remember -- you are on the right path. We have turned this message into our investigative division and will report back when we have more information.

Let's keep doing business as usual until we have reason to do otherwise.


Heather Cherry said...

If we let our thoughts turn to hopelessness, then the celery terrorists have won. Don't let them win, people.

Also, I have a feeling I know who sent this dastardly threat. And I'm already sitting outside your house. You know who you are. Yeah, I can see you. You're in your living room watching Heroes. I'm in the black sedan across the street with the tinted windows.

Tom said...

i found some disguised celery mixing with my rhubarb, i think on a recruiting mission. Do you think the rhubarb has been compromised?

Heather Cherry said...

Tom, listen to me very, very carefully.......

Get out of there.




Wendy said...

I think until further notice you might be careful with the rhubarb, too.

Last night I found some in my soup. They've got my place tapped.