Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Archaeological Theory

Archaeologists working in the ruins of Pompeii uncovered a recipe for a celery dessert that called for roasting chopped celery in an oven and serving it with honey and ground pepper.

There is a theory afoot that this is the reason for the very annihilation of the city of Pompeii. It is said that ancient gods were so enraged by the Pompeiiens blatant misuse of this agricultural abomination that the gods were forced to cleanse the city by means of an erupting volcano.

People, I'm not saying it's necessarily true or that I believe such an extreme theory. However, I do ask you to study the evidence and decide for yourself. Do you really want to risk it?


Andria and Co. said...

I knew I didn't eat celery for a reason. But, celery? With honey?

Ginny said...

Now pepper really is sick and wrong. Poor (or rathre rich) Pompeiians just didn't know who they were messing with

Patricia Rockwell said...

Sounds like a logical theory to me.