Thursday, March 26, 2009

Celery Soup

I was checking the news feed today and discovered one of the most elaborate deceptions to date. It's the Masquerade Celery Ball.

I am not kidding.

This abomination is a fundraising event for Celery Soup (as if a Celery Ball isn't bad enough) which is a celebration of the historical and cultural heritage of Sanford and Seminole County, Florida.

While I think in general what the group is doing is admirable -- to record the memories and stories of their region -- the actual EXECUTION is totally unacceptable and in fact, could actually border on the sinister.

They are promoting and glorifying a celery heritage and are so cowardly that they can't even do it with their faces showing! We need to mobilize, people! We must organize and infiltrate for next year in order to find out who our true enemies are. All of you in that regional chapter, please organize a special meeting to educate your members about this new insidious threat disguised as good, clean, social fun.


Heather Cherry said...

What's next? A Celery Cotillion? A Celery Silent Auction?



This must not stand.

Pearl said...

WHile I do not support the wholesale hatred of any vegetable, I will fight to the death for your right to hate it.

Or something like that.



Wendy said...

Heather, stay vigilant!

Pearl, that is what makes you such a marvelous human being. :)