Thursday, December 25, 2008


Thank you for your interest in the League for the Suppression of Celery. Our mission statement is to promote and advocate for a celery-free world. It's a small mission statement, but it's a small group so far. :)

Please join us in ridding the world of celery -- one stalk at a time.


Steve said...

Cool blog. Celery is in fact nature's junk food. It has no nutrients, and about the only thing it's good for is dipping into peanut butter or cream cheese. And those things will just kill you anyways.

Wendy said...

Steve, have I told you how awesome you are? No, I guess not since we just met.

Steve, you're awesome. :) Let the truth shine through!

Jae said...

Are you by any chance affiliated with the Anti-Celery Club on deviantArt? There seems to be a lot of celery hate going around.

I'm ambivalent to it myself, but I made a 'celery stalker' icon awhile ago that I thought you might appreciate. It's slightly wonky-looking (people tell me it looks like a cactus) but it very clearly shows the evils of celery:

halfgyant said...

Is this blog still active, or did the celery mafia take everyone out? I figured this place would be a hotbed of outrage, considering it's "National Fresh Celery Month" Yep, all month. I want to cry.