Sunday, July 1, 2012

Celery Car

A concerned citizen living in the northeastern part of the United States has brought the abomination to our attention:

We at the LSC have no idea what this is, but we can guarantee we have operatives checking into it.  Is it a child's toy?  Is it a horrific peanut butter delivery system?

Remember, it's insidious methods like this that people use to indoctrinate children into thinking celery is fun. CELERY IS NOT FUN.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I wasn't sure if anyone else felt nauseous about eating celery, the way I do. Unfortunately, it's one of my first memories of being alive...and to this day, I can't STAND eating even the smallest piece of raw celery. At my work, the kitchen staff uses celery all the time. They offered me some leftover lasagna to take home, and I almost made a joke; asking if they put celery in that as well. When I actually unwrapped the meal, once I got turned out to be a weird vegetarian concoction/version...with green beans, yellow squash...and BIG PIECES of the vile weed. I actually call it the food of the devil, in Spanish! (la comida del diablo!)

Anonymous said...

Omg. I feel exactly the same way!!! All my friends mock me but I stand firm in the believe that celery needs to be eradicated from this earth. I think we need support groups. If I hear one more person tell me " how can you hate celery? It has no taste. It is just water and crunch", I will punch them.