Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Nitrate-Free Hot Dog LIE

According to Consumer Reports, there are three brands of hot dogs we should be watching out for: Applegate Farms, Coleman Naturals and Whole Ranch.

These producers claim their products have "no added nitrates", but what they do have is an abundance of a natural source of nitrate... CELERY JUICE.

Celery juice and celery powders are nitrates and in large doses nitrates are bad for you.  So, don't think you're getting around nitrates by eating these other dogs.  In fact, avoid them because they use the WORST kind of nitrates -- celery-induced nitrates.


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Anonymous said...

I wish the FDA would put a stop to these lie's. We need to get the word out. The only processed meat that I know of without nitrates/nitrites is prosciutto.