Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Giant Celery

Apparently not only do we have to worry about the PROLIFERATION of celery, we also have to worry about celery in massive proportions.

At least you can see this one coming from a distance, it's not like they can slip it into your soup or anything, but once the momentum gets behind this thing it could be a killer.

We currently have a source that will hopefully be informing us as to the origins of the giant celery, where it's being grown, etc. As soon as I know something I will update you.  Until then -- continued vigilance, my friends!


Dustin Keith said...

I don't see a way to contact you so I'll just post here.

Turns out celery is TERRIBLE and I was writing a post about it on my website. While doing research and gathering evidence, I happened upon your lovely blog. Would you mind me referencing your material for a portion (full links provided, of course) to further solidify my arguments? If it's a problem no worries but this celery shit has got to stop.

Cool, thanks.

Wendy said...

Dustin, anything to further the cause of the League you may reference away with the appropriate references back.

And if you don't mind, let me know when your post is up. I'll give it a shout.

Unless, of course, we've had to go dark for security reasons.

You can reach me at wendy (at) wendy (dot) com.