Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congratulations, We're Making Progress

About this time last year we reported that celery was ranked as the TOP most pesticide-ridden vegetable in the known universe.

We are happy to report that we're making progress in our fight against celery. This year in the current release of the "Dirty Dozen", celery is ranked only #2.

As we have hacked away at the villainous celery minions, we've weakened their hold and there is a slight reduction in their power.  But do not celebrate too long and let your guard down.  There is a long way to go. We must fight the good fight until the very end.

But for now, celebrate it up right, be proud at what you've accomplished in the last year and let's start again strong tomorrow!

1 comment:

Lettuce Is The Devil said...

Keep up the good work my man and I will maintain my pressure on all that is evil and green as well.